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Joe's Blog, Scuba Diving and PADi Courses in Bali, Indonesia

Did you know Bali offers some amazing muck diving sites? Or that the name mola mola is actually not the correct name for the sunfish you find on Bali? Discover interesting facts and new insights in Joe’s blogs.

Exploring the reefs of Bali for seahorses!!

13 10 15 - 22:00

When I first started diving I was only interested in seeing the big fish, like sharks, manta rays and dolphins, which there are plenty of around Bali. This changed when I started my dive master course and dived a lot on the beautiful coral reefs around Bali.

During one of my first dives in Bali my dive instructor showed me my first Pygmy seahorse and from that moment on I didn’t only love big fish anymore but starting to love looking for small critters and especially for seahorses.

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Making the most out of your dives with Mantas and Molas on Bali

28 06 15 - 00:44

Diving with mantas or molas (sunfish) is an incredible experience. One that many divers remember for a very long time. I for one will never forget my first encounter with a manta ray or the sunfish! How great your experience is and how long you will be able to see them, will also largely depend on how divers behave around these fish. You might have experienced diver behavior underwater at some point or another that scared fish away and spoiled your dive a bit. To allow everyone to make the most of their encounter with the sunfish and mantas without disturbing these great animals, the Coral Triangle Center, Aquatic Alliance and other organisations have developed a code of conduct which we follow at Joe’s Gone Diving....

Manta with Joe's Gone Diving

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The amazing Sunfish on Bali

24 05 15 - 01:10

Not long to go now before the elusive sunfish will be spotted again on our dives on Bali. 
To encounter this special creature on your dives is certainly a jaw-dropping experience. 
They are unexpectedly quick and are huge in size (up to 3 metres). They are the heaviest bony fish in the world and adults can weigh over 2,000 kg.

Mola Mola in Bali

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Muck Diving in Bali – Discovering the Weird and Wonderful Critters

02 03 15 - 21:16

If you think of muck diving in Indonesia, the first location that comes to mind is probably Lembeh. But did you know you can do some amazing muck diving in Bali as well? Muck diving is probably not for everyone. If you are in it for the beautiful corals and lots of fish, these types of dives are not for you. Fortunately you have plenty of other stunning dive sites to choose from on Bali. But if you like exploring and enjoy the excitement of finding the weird and wonderful critters of the ocean amongst rubble, muck diving is probably your thing.

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