5 Years of Guest Stories: Jesse

5 Years of Guest Stories: Jesse

[[image file=”2016-04/website-jesse.jpg” alt=”Diving with Joe’s Gone Diving since 2014″]]

Meet Jesse from Darwin, diving with Joe since 2014, one day he showed up to do his Open Water, and since that day he keeps coming back for more….

1. Where are you from?

Darwin, Australia

2. How many dives have you done?


3. What is your dive certification level?

Advanced Open Water

4. How did you end up at Joe’s Gone Diving?

I was on holidays and got stuck in Makkasar in the rainy season with nothing to do. Everywhere in the travel information talked about scuba so I decided to go to Bali and learn to dive. I looked online and really liked Joes site and the reviews, so the next day I walked in and Miriam got me on a course the very next day.

5. When did you dive with Joe’s Gone Diving?

Since 2014

6. What did you like about it, what was most memorable?

In my opinion Joes is a mix of really friendly people who care about your dive experience, professionalism and awesome dive sites. From the moment you are picked up the staff are so friendly and focused on your satisfaction, the equipment is great to use, the dive sites are great and the guides really go to a great effort to make your dive great

7. Favourite dive site on Bali and why?

The Jetty as I really like the small stuff and there is so many weird little guys down there

8. Favourite creature underwater


9. Already plans to dive again with Joe?

I’m quite lucky as Darwin is close too Bali so I don’t really plan but rather when I need a break I go to Joes for a couple of days, so it wont be too long

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