5 Years of Guest Stories: Meet Belinda

5 Years of Guest Stories: Meet Belinda

Meet Belinda, one of our favourite returning guests. She did her divemaster course with us a few years back and comes back for some diving once in a while.

Where are you from?

Currently? Singapore. Originally? Sydney

How many dives have you done?


What is your dive certification level?

OWSI (Dive Instructor)

How did you end up at Joe’s Gone Diving?

I decided to spend a month in Bali completing my dive master course and by a stroke of luck I chose Joe’s to train with. Best decision ever! It was so much fun, awesome place to dive and I learnt loads from all the team at Joe’s.

When did you dive with Joe’s Gone Diving?

I first trained with Joe’s in Feb 2013… and have been back multiple times since. I love Bali and the diving there is so diverse… there’s always something new to see

What did you like about it, what was most memorable?

Joe’s make you feel part of the family from the moment you arrive. They’re not only passionate about diving, but have a lot of fun sharing it with others.

Favourite dive site on Bali and why?

Manta point. There is something magical about mantas, especially when you have 10 of them gliding around you for an entire dive…

Favourite creature underwater?

Oh wow. Narrow it to one??  Can I have 3? Mantas, Turtles  and Whale Sharks….

Already plans to dive again with Joe?

Yes! I am determined to make it for Mola Mola season

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