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Muck Diving Sites Bali: Discover the weird and wonderful

Bali offers some excellent muck diving sites. Great dives to spot the weird and wonderful critters Bali has to offer such as frog fish, dragonettes, rhinopias, mimic octopus, blue ring octopus and many more. They are spread out across the island. In Padang Bay you find the Jetty, close to Tulamben you find Seraya, and in between Lovina and Pemuteran you can dive on Puri Jati. All excellent dive sites for photographers. If you mainly like to dive on coral, muck-diving is not your thing, but if you like the excitement of spotting cool marine life, these dive sites should definitely be on your wish list. The Jetty in Padang Bay and Seraya can be done as day dive trips.

Discover the weird and wonderful
Muck Diving Sites Bali
Great Muck Dive Site at Padang Bay, Bali

The Jetty

The Jetty dive site is one of the newest dive sites in Padang Bay and used to be used for cruise ships. Unlike the other dive sites in Padang Bay, the sand here is black. The bottom is sloping and you find soft corals directly under the jetty. Most of the diving takes place on the sandy bottom around the jetty. You find special critters on this muck diving site such as frog fish, flying gurnard, octopus, many different types of nudibranchs, Indian ocean walkman and the crocodile fish. The Jetty is a macro photographer’s heaven.

Key Facts:

  • Diver Level: All Levels
  • Depth: 6-20 meters
  • Visibility: 5-20 meters
  • Distance to Dive Site: 1 hour by car, followed by 15 minutes by boat

Puri Jati

Puri Jati or Critter Heaven is one of Joe’s favourite sites. Due to the distance, this dive is best done as part of a Dive Safari. Patience, buoyancy and being alert on the smallest differences in the bottom composition is key here. This site is easily the best muck diving site in Bali today, a great variety of marine critters can be found here, from the mimic octopus to the Indian walkman devilfish and several species of shrimps, nudibranchs and manti shrimps: a photographer’s heaven. And for you that don’t take pictures, a fantastic opportunity to see strange sea creatures up close. The site is more than large enough to allow for two and even three dives. Due to the distance we only go here during dive safaris.

Key Facts:

  • Diver Level: All Levels
  • Depth: 2-25 meters
  • Visibility: 10-30 meters
  • Distance to Dive Site: Approximately 3 hours by car
Puri Jati or Critter Heaven is one of Joe’s favourite sites
Seraya, Macro Heaven of Bali


Harlequin shrimp, frog fish, filamon devil fish, ghost pipefish and many other critters have given Seraya the nickname of Macro Heaven. Seraya can be found a few kilometres South of Tulamben. This shore dive is unsurprisingly very popular with photographers. The muck diving site has a black volcanic, sandy bottom and is an easy dive as there is hardly any current. Joe’s Gone Diving dives here on our dive safaris and as a day trip.

Key Facts:

  • Diver Level: All Levels
  • Depth: 3-25 meters
  • Visibility: 5-30 meters
  • Distance to Dive Site: 2 hours by car, shore diving

Secret Bay

The muck dive site of Gilimanuk can be found at the far northwestern tip of Bali. The ferry to Java leaves from Gilimanuk. The black volcanic sandy bottom houses a variety of critters and is a great site for the underwater videographer or photographer. You can find dragonettes here, ghost pipefish, frog fish and many juveniles use this as their safe harbour. As the site is very remote, Joe’s Gone Diving will only dive here on dive safaris.

Key Facts:

  • Diver Level: All Levels
  • Depth: 3-15 meters
  • Visibility: 4-10 meters
  • Distance to Dive Site: 4 hours drive, shore diving
Beautiful Muck Dive Site at Gilimanuk

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label_enprice_usd * (SELECT exchange_rate FROM jgd_exchangerate WHERE exchange_rate_id = '1')
2 dives Seraya1.644.500,00
2 dives Padang Bay including Jetty1.716.000,00
2 dives Puri Jati*1.716.000,00
2 dives Secret Bay*1.787.500,00
Equipment Rental per item85.800,00
Equipment Rental (full set including computer)357.500,00
Pick up surcharge Seminyak / Benoa71.500,00
2 dives Seraya115
2 dives Padang Bay including Jetty120
2 dives Puri Jati*120
2 dives Secret Bay*125
Equipment Rental per item6
Equipment Rental (full set including computer)25
Pick up surcharge Seminyak / Benoa5
label_enprice_usd * (SELECT exchange_rate FROM jgd_exchangerate WHERE exchange_rate_id = '2')
2 dives Seraya103,50
2 dives Padang Bay including Jetty108,00
2 dives Puri Jati*108,00
2 dives Secret Bay*112,50
Equipment Rental per item5,40
Equipment Rental (full set including computer)22,50
Pick up surcharge Seminyak / Benoa4,50

* We only go to these dive sites during our dive safaris.

Please note all payments within Indonesia will have to be charged in Indonesian Rupiahs. Therefore the USD and EUR prices are just as an indication. NB. Prices can change without further notice. Our terms and conditions can be found here.

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