PADI Drift Diver Course

The PADI Drift Diver Course on Bali: Learn to dive with currents

Our PADI Drift Diver course on Bali introduces you to the coolest magic carpet ride you’ll ever experience. This course shows you how to enjoy the ocean currents by “going with the flow,” staying with your dive partner, communicating with the dive boat and knowing where you are the whole time. Bali offers some great drift dives, so what better place to take your course than with Joe’s Gone Diving on Bali?

Depth: depending on certification
Duration: 1 days, 2 dives
Who can join: Minimum certification needed: PADI Open Water Diver Certificate (or qualifying certification from another training organization). Minimum age: 12 years old

Beat the currents with the PADI drift diving course
PADI Drift Course Description
Learn to navigate the currents with the PADI drift diver Course

The course consists of both theory and practice. You will study your drift diving manual before the start of the course and prepare the knowledge reviews. You instructor will go over the knowledge reviews with you during the course. There is no specific drift diver exam.

After going over the most important drift diving techniques with your instructor, you will make 2 drift dives on the amazing Bali dive sites under the guidance of an instructor. You will soon find out drift diving is nearly effortless and relaxing. You simply glide along and enjoy the rush of flying under water while the current does the work.

During your PADI Drift Diver course on Bali, you learn about:
  • Planning, organization, procedures, techniques, problems and hazards of drift diving
  • Drift diving equipment – floats, lines, reels
  • Buoyancy-control, navigation and communication for drift diving
  • Site selection and overview of aquatic currents – causes and effects
  • Techniques for staying close to a buddy or together as a group

After successfully finishing your course you will receive the PADI Drift Diver certificate. This PADI specialty counts towards your Master Scuba Diver Rating and can also count as an adventure dive for your PADI Advanced Open Water course.

Like all our courses, these courses are available in multiple languages. Book your PADI Drift Diver course on Bali now!

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For dive trips only – a minimum of two divers.

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All required PADI course materials

PADI Certification Fee

All scuba equipment

PADI Instructor

Hotel transfer for Sanur area

Lunch, water, snacks & towels

Park and Porter fees

There might be a hotel transfer surcharge outside the Sanur area

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