PADI IDC Bali: become a great PADI Scuba Dive Instructor in just 2 weeks

Always wanted to share your passion for diving with others and introduce people to the beauty of the underwater world? What better place to learn this than in Bali, Indonesia where you find some of the best diving in the world. With the Instructor Development Course (IDC) at Joe’s Gone Diving Bali, you can become a PADI Open Water Scuba Dive Instructor in just 2 weeks.

We don’t train just average instructors at Joe’s Gone Diving. We believe your IDC should equip you with the skills necessary to become a successful PADI Instructor. And prepare you for your life as a PADI Dive Instructor beyond the exams. This takes time and dedication, and a passionate course director who will be there at all times. That’s also why we always have small groups and surpasses our program the minimum required number of days, so we can make sure you get the attention and individual feedback you need.

Who can join
  • Minimum age: 18 years old
  • Certification: PADI Divemaster or a PADI Assistant Instructor or be an instructor in good standing with another training organization for at least six months. By the time you enroll the PADI Instructor Exams you will also need to be an Emergency First Response Instructor
  • Be certified as a diver for at least six months
  • Have logged 100 dives that include experience in night, deep and navigation
  • Completed CPR and First Aid training within the last 24 months
  • Medically evaluated and cleared for diving by a physician within the past 12 months
Teaching in Open Water PADI IDC Bali

Save time. Be prepared. Take IDC online for your PADI IDC Bali

To prepare for your IDC on Bali we offer 2 options at Joe’s Gone Diving. Either prepare from home via eLearning or join our classroom sessions on Bali before the start of the IDC. So how does that work? As part of the IDC curriculum you will need to follow several presentations, called IDC Online. Most dive centers conduct these live in classroom setting . At Joe’s we offer you the choice, either prepare them via eLearning and spend less time in the classroom or, if you don’t have the time to do eLearning beforehand, simply join our classroom sessions during our Bali IDC with the IDC online presentations. The big advantage of eLearning? You can straight away dive into interactive workshops, applying the PADI standards and practicing teaching techniques.

When signing up for eLearning, make sure you affiliate with our dive center, as it entitles you to a USD 150 discount on our course price. You will pay PADI directly AUD 425 (about USD 331) for the eLearning.

PADI IDC Course description

Pre-course preparation for the PADI IDC Bali

You can prepare for your IDC by diving into your Divemaster manual & Dive Encyclopedia and going over the theory. PADI also offers an eLearning program specifically developed for refreshing your knowledge called Dive Theory. With this interactive module, you will be well-prepared for your IDC. You can purchase this directly via the website. If you affiliate with Joe’s Gone Diving when signing up for eLearning, you will get a discount on our course price.

On top of that, Joe’s Gone Diving has developed a dedicated website to help you prepare online. Have a look at our IDC Classroom Online which includes access to exams and demonstration videos. If you take the PADI IDC on Bali with Joe’s Gone Diving, you will get full access.


In the 2-day EFR Instructor Course, you will learn how to teach others the Emergency First Response course and practice with CPR and Medic First Aid skills.

If you are already an Emergency First Response Instructor or have an equivalent certification from another recognized organization, you can skip this step and straight away dive into our IDC.

Duration: 1.5-2 days

Study during your IDC in our IDC classroom
Pool practice PADI IDC on Bali


Once you have finished the IDC Online presentations via PADI eLearning or by attending our classroom sessions, you are ready for the full PADI IDC. The PADI IDC itself takes 10 days and is taught by an energetic and fun Course Director who is passionate about teaching diving and can show you the tricks of the trade like no other. The Course Director is present at all times during your Bali IDC and at hand to answer any of your questions and help you develop your teaching skills. Our IDC not only prepares you for the official PADI Exams, it also gives you the tools to become a great PADI Dive Instructor by focusing on the real life skills needed to make a success in the industry after qualifying as an instructor. In interactive workshops you learn to apply PADI Standards and practice teaching techniques.

An overview
  • Develop your teaching skills by practicing: confined water teaching presentations, knowledge development presentations and open water teaching presentations
  • Demonstrate your competence in dive theory: pass exams on physics, physiology, dive equipment, decompression illness & RDP, skills and environment
  • Get tips and tricks for teaching all courses up to PADI Divemaster level in a professional, safe and fun way in the discover scuba diving, open water, adventures in diving, rescue and divemaster workshops
  • Perfect your dive demonstration skills in our skills demonstration workshops
  • Learn more about: PADI standards & procedures, risk management, business principles of diving and much more

At the end of your IDC in Bali you have all the tools to become an excellent dive instructor and pass the PADI Instructor Exams.

Duration: 10 days


Once you pass the Instructor Development Course at Joe’s Gone Diving in Bali we will enroll you into the official PADI Instructor Examinations which take place in Sanur on Bali. Just where you have been practicing all your skills. During the exams all the skills you trained for in the past 2 weeks will be tested by PADI Examiners.

Duration: 2 days



If you have more time to continue your Go Pro adventure, you can join our MSDT-Prep program (Master Scuba Diver program). In 3 days you learn how to teach 5 popular PADI Specialties and lay the foundation for becoming a Master Scuba Diver Trainer. Once you have certified 25 students you can apply for the PADI Master Scuba Diver Rating. Our MSDT-Prep program includes an overnight stay in Tulamben and dives on the famous USAT Liberty wreck from WWII.

Duration: 3 days

Become a great PADI Scuba Dive Instructor on Bali
Save yourself some valuable holiday time with PADI eLearning

Did you know you can already prepare all your dive theory from home with PADI eLearning? This interactive, online program will take you through all the theory, videos and exams at your own pace and time. Your course in Bali will be more relaxed and you won’t have to spend time in the classroom while you are on holiday. Find out more about PADI eLearning and sign up today.

What is included in the PADI IDC Bali

Course price includes: Course Director, transport, lunch & snacks, coffee, tea and water, towels, park and porter fees and taxes.

You will need the PADI Instructor pack for this course. PADI and EFRi materials can be purchased directly from us for USD750 or you can purchase it yourself. PADI application and examination fees are directly payable to PADI and are not included in our course price. For 2019 this is AUD1207 for IDC & IE, AUD1391 for IDC/EFRi/IE and AUD1815 for IDC/EFRi/MSDT.

Start your PADI IDC in Indonesia straight away by signing up for PADI Dive Theory eLearning today. And check our PADI IDC Bali schedule to book in your spot for the upcoming Bali IDC at Joe’s Gone Diving.

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Please note all payments within Indonesia will have to be charged in Indonesian Rupiahs. Therefore the USD and EUR prices are just as an indication. NB. Prices can change without further notice. Our terms and conditions can be found here.

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