5 years of guest stories: Meet Martin and Patricia

5 years of guest stories: Meet Martin and Patricia

Martin and Patricia have been diving with Joe’s Gone Diving on Bali for a few years. Martin did his Rescue course and Divemaster course at Joe’s and Patricia started with the PADI Open Water course and went all the way up to the Rescue course while taking some PADI Specialties at the same time. This is already the last interview with some of our great guests we had the pleasure of meeting in the past 5 years.

Where are you from?  

We are Martin and Patricia and we are from the Netherlands, like the owners from Joe’s Gone Diving. We are married and we are both divers.

How many dives have you done?  

Martin did over 100 dives. Patricia did over 50 dives.

What is your dive certification level?  

Untill Martin started diving wit Joe’s he was certified as an advanced diver. Trained by Joe’s Martin is already certified to Divemaster and is already trained as an EFR/CFC (care  for childeren) Instructor. Next to being a divemaster Martin is also a Master Scuba Diver.  When Patricia started diving with Joe’s she only did Discover Scuba Diving. She also received all her training with Joe’s. At this moment Patricia is certified as a Rescue Diver. She did her Emergency First Response also with Joe’s.

How did you end up at Joe’s Gone Diving?  

After an holiday to Cuba Patricia wanted to learn how to become a diver. In preparation to our holdiay in 2013 we contacted three diving schools on Bali. We found them on the  Internet. Mirjam was the one with the fastest and prompted answer by email. Thats why we deceided to dive with Joe’s.

When did you dive with Joe’s Gone Diving?  

We dived with Joe’s the First dive with in november 2013 on our holiday. In october 2014 we returned to Bali were Martin enroled in a four week Dive Master Trainee Internship. In 2014 we did a close five weeks of diving wit Joe’s.

What did you like about it, what was most memorable?  

Martin liked the most his complete adventure when doing his internship to become a Divemaster. That was the moment that Martin discovered the true meaning from the Padi slogan “Go  Places, Meet People and Do Things”. To be honest…. there are so many memorable things tottell about the diving with Joe’s. From owner to instructor, from driver to dive site just to much to tell.  Patricia liked the proffesional and friendly atmosfere that there is with Joe’s. Most memorable was the first encounter with the great Manta Rays. Also very memorable was the First  encounter with the white tip reef shark on the drop off on Tulamben.

Favourite dive site on Bali and why?  

Martin’s favourite site is USAT Liberty Wreck at Tulamben. There is so much life to see over there, beautiful corals, all those fish and a lot of possibilties of the dive site. To the left you got the wreck. Go to the right… Coral Garden. Patricia likes Tanjung-Sari at Padang Bai. Cause of the encounter with a group of turtles. There were also sleeping wite tip reef sharks. That was so awsome to see.

Favourite creature underwater?

For Patricia was the first response her instructor Markus Gstrein. For a creature it must be the Manta Ray. The only creature that is a danger to divers… It could easely makes you stop breathing under water.  For Martin it also the Manta Ray.

Already plans to dive again with Joe?  

Actually yes we do. Still need to see the Mola Mola and do need to discover other dive sites on Bali and the Gili Islands. We started loving Bali and we do love diving with Joe’s.

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