Help us say NO to plastic. Choose our re-usable water bottle!

Help us say NO to plastic. Choose our re-usable water bottle!

Plastic waste is unfortunately a big problem in Indonesia. In fact, Indonesia is the second-largest plastic marine polluter in the world. Here at Joe’s, we love to contribute to cleaner oceans and reduce the use of plastic. You won’t find any straws at Joe’s Gone Diving for example, and we do ocean clean ups regularly. However, we would like to take it a step further and reduce the use of plastic water bottles which we normally take with us on our trips. Instead, we would like to increase the use of re-usable water bottles.

So rather than giving you just plastic water bottles every time when you dive with us, we now also offer the option to purchase a stainless-steel water bottle from us for a small fee. You can of course also bring your own bottle. We have set up water filling stations at our dive center and at the various dive locations we go to, so you can easily fill your bottle before your dives and during surface intervals. If you prefer to use one of our plastic bottles instead, no problem, we will supply you with a bottle which you can refill during the day.

We sell our stainless-steel 750ml water bottle at cost, for just IDR 70,000 (US$5, EUR4.50). The bottle is made of a high quality stainless-steel.

When you register with us at the dive center, we will ask you what you prefer to use. If you would like to purchase one of our bottles, you can get one on the spot. Thank you very much in advance for your support.

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