Joe’s Dive Trips to Manta Point from July-October

Joe’s Dive Trips to Manta Point from July-October

Joe’s Gone Diving organises dive trips to Manta Point on Nusa Penida at least 3 times a week in July (from 17 July), August, September and October. We have fixed trips every Monday, Thursday and Saturday, but additional dive trips might be added if there is enough interest. So if any of these days don’t work for you, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Diving on Manta Point

We normally do 2 dives on this trip. One of the dives will be on Manta Point, which is generally an easy dive. You might just have some surge you have to deal with. Manta Point, as the name already suggests is the place to spot mantas on Bali. They are there most of the time, but it is of course nature, so sometimes you can be unlucky and don’t see any. The visibility on Manta Point is usually a bit less than on other dive locations in Bali because of the plankton the mantas are feeding on. On Manta Point you find a cleaning station where many mantas often get cleaned.

Don’t swim towards to mantas as you might scare them away and certainly don’t touch them as you might disturb the protective layer on their skin. It is always best to just watch them from a distance, relax and enjoy the show. If you remain calm, they will actually come to you quite often.

We are able to go to Manta Point most of the time, however on rare occasions the conditions can be too rough and we might need to divert to another dive spot in the Nusa Penida area. 

Drift diving on Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan

The 2nd dive will always depend on the conditions on the day, we might dive Crystal Bay with its crystal clear waters and beautiful corals, where you might spot a mola mola in season if you are lucky. We might also dive one of the drift dives in the area like Toyapakeh, Jackpoint, SD or Ped. The drift dives lead you along healthy coral slopes that are teeming with marine life. In mola mola season you might also be able to spot a mola mola there. Currents can vary from mild to superman rides. If you feel comfortable in the water and have good buoyancy control it is great fun and you can just enjoy the ride. If you don’t feel so comfortable in the water yet, diving on Nusa Penida is probably not the place for you. There are plenty of other great dives on Bali to choose from though which are appropriate for any level of diver.

As the conditions on Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan can vary and some of the dives can be drift dives, we only take certified divers there.

To find out more about the dive location or our prices check our dive site page or our prices page.

To book your spot to Manta Point with Joe’s Gone Diving, just drop us an email or fill out our booking form. We only have limited spaces available, so be sure to book on time to avoid any disappointment.

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