The Green sea turtle

Green Sea Turtle

The Green sea turtle

The turtle dates from the time of the dinosaurs, around two hundred million years ago. First, they only lived on land, now they also live in the sea. The Green Sea lives most of the time in de ocean.

How do Green Sea Turtles feed?

Green sea turtles dive to eat algae and seaweed. When the air in their lungs are empty they go up again. In a few seconds they get fresh air to dive again to eat algae and seaweed. They have an advanced oxygen exchange system to withstand higher water pressure so that they cannot get decompression sickness.

 How do Green Sea Turtles Reproduce?

It is not yet certain at what age the Green Sea Turtle will be sexually mature, but it is thought that this can only be done when they are 20 to perhaps 50 years old. Green sea turtles usually travel great distances to reach their breeding grounds. Sometimes they swim 2600 kilometers for that. A large number of turtles return to the same bread area where they crawled out of the egg themselves. Female turtles mate every 2 to 4 years, male turtles return every year.

Do Green Sea Turtles have naturally enemies?

The only true natural enemy for an adult Green sea turtle is large species of shark. Nowadays, humans are also a big enemy for the turtles because of all the plastic we throw into the ocean and climate change. Young and newborn turtles need to be much more conscious of enemies such as mammals, crabs and birds.

The Green sea turtle on Bali

We regularly come across this impressive marine animal while diving at the various dive sites around Bali. It is a beautiful animal to photograph. The elegance is in one word amazing. It is very nice to take an underwater camera with you on a dive for beautiful pictures of this marine animal. You can also rent them from us or even do an underwater photography course at Joe’s Gone Diving. We are happy to take you on your next adventure.

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