Why you should become an advanced open water diver!!

Why you should become an advanced open water diver!!

Everyone remembers their first dive in the ocean. The first time you dip under the surface and you enter a whole new world. Your first dive could have been a Discover Scuba diver course or it was part of your Open Water Course. Either way if you are reading this blog, you loved it and are now a certified Open Water Diver who loves to dive and wants to take the next step in diving.

Why should you become an advanced diver?

Because you love diving and you want to learn more, gain more experience and become an even better diver. One reason why a lot of divers choose to become an advanced diver is because they want to dive deeper than you are allowed to go with your Open Water certification. But maybe you just want to improve your navigation skills. So instead of coming to Bali for some fun dives, why not combine the fun dives with an Advanced Course at Joe’s Gone Diving. The course doesn’t involve a lot of theory, but if you want to start your course right away you can choose to do e-learning and finish the theory before you come to Bali. The skills you will do during the dives are mostly fun. You complete your skills, explore the dive site and after two days, in which you completed 5 dives, you have reached the next level in diving. Or become an adventure diver, three dives only, if you are short on time.

How do you become an Advanced Diver.

All you have to do to become an Advanced diver is to complete 5 adventure dives. The deep- and navigation dive are required for this course, for the other 3 you can choose from a long list of Adventure dives. Enriched air adventure dive, Peak Performance Buoyancy dive, sidemount, drift dive, wreck dive or the underwater naturalist dive. These are just a few examples of the many dives you can choose from. Choose the dives that interest you most, if you for example love wrecks, choose the wreck adventure dive, so you get more experience with exploring wrecks, or the Underwater Naturalist if you want to learn more about the diverse marine life we have in Bali.

Who can become an advanced diver?

Every Open Water diver, older than 12 years, and in fit condition, can join the Advanced course and become an Junior Advanced diver or an Advanced Diver, when you are older than 15. Although 12 year olds are not allowed to join in all the adventure dives, there are still a lot Adventure dives to choose from. But the course is not only for Open Water Divers, some divers did three adventures dives already and are Adventure divers, to become an Advanced Diver, all they have to do is two more adventure dives.

Already an Advanced Diver?

If you are already an advanced diver and still want to continue learning, book a specialty course at Joe’s Gone Diving. If one of your adventure dives of the advanced course corresponds with the specialty course you choose, that will give you a credit towards the first dive of the specialty course.

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