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5 Years of Guest Stories: Maarten And Aimee

Diving with Joe since 2013

23 02 16 - 19:11

Aimee and Maarten 5 years diving with Joe's Gone Diving

Joe's Gone Diving has been open for 5 years now in Bali and we had the pleasure of having many amazing guests over the years. A few of them (definitely not all of them...), we have interviewed about their experience at Joe's. This month meet Aimee and Maarten, a great couple who have been diving with us for a few years now.

1. Where are you from?

Aimee: I am American and live in Singapore
Maarten: I am from Holland and live in California and Singapore

2. How many dives have you done?

Aimee: 117
Maarten: I stopped counting several log books ago.

3. What is your dive certification level?

Aimee: Rescue Diver, did that last course at Joe's
Maarten: Rescue Diver, from Joe's!

4. How did you end up at Joe’s Gone Diving?

On our first trip to Bali we couldn't decide on a dive shop. We decided to try another one and Joe's. The other one was ok on the first day but the guides were not engaging or friendly and there was no customer service.

We decided to try Joe's the second day and ended up diving a few days that trip. In Bali we would never dive anywhere else. When we are diving in other locations around the world we compare everything to Joe's and the team there.

5. When did you dive with Joe’s Gone Diving?

We started in Dec 2013 and have been back 8 times since.

6. What did you like about it, what was most memorable?

Customer service and the team. The last thing you want on your vacation is to worry about the arrangements. Joe's is really quick to set you up with a dive, Ensure you have the details, answer any questions that you have and they are on time for morning the morning pick up. If you have equipment questions, even on your own gear or are considering buying something, Jan is always happy to chat with you about it or take a look.

The team is great and the shop has an authentic and friendly vibe. The team is very professional, experienced, safe and consistent when diving and fun to hang out with after the dives over lunch to review photos or talks bout the dives of the day. We loved our latest dive on New Year's Eve, back at the shop after lunch we got to enjoy the Dutch holiday treat - Oilibollen!

Its all about the team. The dive masters understand that they are there for your enjoyment of the dive. They point out great things to see and make sure you have a comfortable dive.

7. Favourite dive site on Bali and why?

Aimee: Such a hard question to answer because each site has something really special and can be very different based on conditions. The one that is always a must see for me is Candidassa. I love the shark nursery and saw my first Mola Mola there.
Maarten:Canididassa no doubt.

8. Favourite creature underwater

Aimee: Sharks of all kinds
Maarten: Octopus!

9. Already plans to dive again with Joe?

Next trip is end of February. Can't wait to get back.

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